Wood engravings by Angie Lewin

Below you'll find a selection of the wood engraving prints that I have created to date. All are hand engraved and printed in my studio in limited editions.

What is a wood engraving?

A wood engraving is made by engraving the end grain of wood with fine tools. This distinguishes the process from the woodcut technique where gouges and knives are used to cut into the side grain or plank of wood. As the wood engraver is not cutting against the wood grain very fine detail can be achieved.

I'll start by drawing my image onto the surface of the block, generally with pens and brushes using Indian ink.

The next stage involves cutting away the areas that I don't want to print with fine engraving tools. These have names such as the spitsticker, scorper and multiple tool - each used to create a different type of mark on the surface of the block.

Wood engraving is a relief printmaking process (as is the case with the woodcut and linocut techniques). Ink is rolled onto the raised surface of the block but where the wood has been engraved or cut away, these areas will be clear of any ink and won't produce an image.

Paper is then laid on the block and an impression is then taken - either burnishing by hand with a wooden spoon or similar or using some form of printing press - such as an Albion.

Here's a short film illustrating the process...

Many of the limited edition wood engraving print editions below have now sold out (these have red dots) - though currently available wood engraving prints can be viewed here along with other examples of my printmaking.