An exhibition in Edinburgh

From 3rd - 27th July 2013 I'll be exhibiting in Edinburgh as part of 'Ten Printmakers - St. Jude's At The Scottish Gallery'.

I'll be exhibiting alongside Christopher Brown, Chloe Cheese, Linda Green, Peter Green, Jonny Hannah, Mark Hearld, Michael Kirkman, Ed Kluz and Emily Sutton.

Exclusive to the exhibition is a portfolio of of ten prints inspired by Scotland - my A Highland Gathering print forms part of the portfolio (though all prints are for sale individually).

Here's a selection of the work that I'll be exhibiting (though in some instances The Scottish Gallery may have only one copy, framed or unframed). Please note that for the prints listed below as unavailable (with a red dot) The Scottish Gallery have the last in the edition.

The exhibition runs from 3rd - 27th July at The Scottish Gallery, 16 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6HZ.

If you'd like to purchase any of the work shown here, please contact The Scottish Gallery or call 0131 558 1200.