Barnett Freedman June 02 2013

The Gentle Author’s Spitalfields Life blog has become a regular stopping off point when online, with new posts published daily. Today, guest contributor David Buckman (author of From Bow To Biennale about the East London Group) has written a feature on the artist Barnett Freedman - explaining why the work of this contemporary of Bawden and Ravilious deserves to be more widely known.

His colour and black and white lithographic illustrations for Siegfried Sassoon's ‘Memoirs of an Infantry Officer’ first attracted me to his work when I spotted a copy in a bookshop in Museum Street when I was still a student but, as it was a first edition, it was way beyond my means and stayed firmly put on the shelf.

Alongside his illustration and printmaking, he also produced typographic work embellished with the textures and patterns that resulted from his skilled celebration of the lithographic process. Clients included Ealing Films, British Petroleum, General Post Office and Wedgwood.

We were lucky enough to purchase a couple Freedman pieces a couple of years ago via Simon Lawrence at Fleece Press who is representing an archive on behalf of the Barnett Freedman Estate.

Read David Buckman’s article in full over at Spitalfields Life. Images courtesy of Special Collections, Manchester Metropolitan University and Fleece Press.

Find our more about the work available from Fleece Press.